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Destiny: New Exotics For Sale, Get Them Fast!

Destiny: New Exotics For Sale, Get Them Fast!

Destiny fans always await this moment with bated breath – Exotic black marketeer Xur is back in the Tower, ready to take your Strange Coins and Motes Of Light in exchange for some of the best gear in the game. So… where is he and what does he have in stock this week? And has he decided to screw Warlocks over for a second week running?

Where Is Xur In Destiny’s Tower This Week?

Xur can be found in the Tower’s right wing this week, where the Vanguard Quartermaster and the Shipwright are. Head to the Tower then go right through the passageway – he can be found in the lower levels, right at the back of the otherwise unused bar-type area.

What Exotics Is Xur Selling This Weekend?

As usual, Xur is flogging one Exotic weapon, one Exotic armour piece per class and an Exotic Engram. Don’t worry – unlike the rest of the game’s troll Engrams, this one will guarantee you an Exotic item. Here’s the breakdown…

TITAN – Crest Of Alpha Lupi (13 Strange Coins)
A really good chest piece for Defender Titans, this ornate breastplate makes it noticeably quicker to revive other Guardians but also to be revived yourself – perfect for those tricky endgame Strikes and Raids. It also lets you carry additional Special weapon and Auto Rifle ammo, which is always handy.

HUNTER – Knucklehead Radar (13 Strange Coins)
Practicality is order of the day here, the main advantage of this odd-looking thing being that it allows you to see the radar when aiming ANY Primary weapon. This can be a lifesaver in PvP, although its other perks seem more geared around PvP – you get additional Super energy for non-player kills, while grenade hits restore a little Melee cooldown.

WARLOCK – Apotheosis Veil (13 Strange Coins)
This cool-looking oddity is perfect for Sunsingers, adding an additional life regeneration property to the already amazing buff offered by the class’s Super. It also offers health recovery on collecting Orbs Of Light, which is also amazing for well-oiled teams where there are always Orbs everywhere.

WEAPON – Suros Regime (23 Strange Coins)
Reportedly one of the best Auto Rifles in the game, so if you’re a spray-and-pray kind of Guardian, you might want to get involved. The bottom half of each clip deals additional damage and has a chance to recover your own health a little with every shot, plus zooming slows the fire rate a little but offers shots that pack even more of a punch. One zoomed end-clip burst can be enough to down enemies, or you can fire it from the hip to enjoy quicker bullet turnover. An amazing gun however you look at it.

ENGRAM – Exotic Helmet Engram (23 Motes Of Light)
At the moment, Motes are only good for either trading with the Speaker for Legendary Class Items and Emblems, or playing Xur’s Engram roulette. The helm you get could be for any class, but it’s guaranteed to be a level 20 Exotic. Anything you get that isn’t good for your current class can either be stored in the Vault or broken down for a bunch of rare materials – you’ll get even more if you upgrade it a bit first.

In addition, Xur also sells his usual line of oddities and trinkets – ammo synthesis packs, Sparrow upgrades and weapon experience boosters – but to be honest, you’re better off saving your Strange Coins for those delicious Exotics.

How To Get More Strange Coins And Motes Of Light In Destiny

Motes Of Light: These are primarily rewarded for leveling up your character after reaching the cap of 20. You get one every time you would level up after capping out – progress towards your next one can be tracked by moving the cursor over the ‘Level 20’ text on the character screen. In addition, Motes can be awarded as mission rewards for high-level Strikes and in PvP, plus they are occasionally obtained from Rare or better Engrams.

Strange Coins: These elusive little things, like Motes, can be offered as rewards in later Strikes and in PvP, but they’re primarily received as rewards for participating in Public Events – there’s also a reward for your first Public of the day, which can offer extra Coins. Make three characters and have them all do one Public each every time you play and you’ll triple your chances of getting more Strange Coins – just stick any you get in the Vault for your main character. Again, they can also occasionally be earned by decrypting Rare or better Engrams. Just remember that the Cryptarch hates you…

Check them all out in the gallery below, and be sure to head back here next week for more Xur-related fun and games!

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