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DC Universe Online: your PS4 questions answered

DC Universe Online: your PS4 questions answered

Our friends over on the PlayStation blog just posted a great Q&A with the guys behind DC Universe Online, all about the upcoming PS4 version. Here’s an excerpt:

What exactly is changing with DC Universe Online?
Jens Andersen: There are a ton of things changing in DCUO right around the time of the PS4 launch – many of these will be available on all platforms.

First of all, players will see the amazing power of PS4 popping off the screen thanks to the art enhancements we made to the PS3 assets. The game looks and runs amazingly smooth — performance has really improved. We’re targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second.

We’ve also decided to treat this like a re-launch of the game; we’ve received lots of feedback from our veteran players, and we wanted to apply it so new players on the PS4 could benefit from it. For example, the leveling curve has been adjusted, messaging improved, and all kinds of tweaks and polish to the content itself occurred.

Will it be available on PS4 launch day?
Andersen: I’m happy to answer “yes!” DCUO will be available for download on PS4 at the console’s launch.

Will the subscription model change?
Andersen: No. There is no change to the current membership models. There is an additional perk for players that are PlayStation Plus subscribers, but that’s more of an addition than a change. I don’t have the final details on what that benefit is right now.

Will there be any special feats/items exclusive for PS4 launch or otherwise?
Andersen: There are no exclusive items for the re-launch on PS4. This is mainly due to the fact that PS3 and PS4 will be sharing the same server. When we offer something to new players on a server, we need to offer something for our current players as well, and they need to be different to maintain the exclusivity of it all. This gets kind of complicated, especially when you throw PC players into the mix as well.

Hit this link to read the entire interview!


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  • John

    I need to give this another try, put me off originaly with its subscription, but only briefly tried the F2P game. Too many of this type, but nice to this one is still going, when many only last a year..