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Clue About Arkham Knight Found In Arkham City

Clue About Arkham Knight Found In Arkham City

A new easter egg that’s only just been discovered seems to hint at something Batman: Arkham Knight related. The clue is to be found with the Calendar Man, who spouts special dialogue if your console is set to certain key dates like Christmas and Halloween.


A YouTube channel which seems likely to have been set up by Rocksteady, released a video teasing an Arkham City secret and providing a few clues, which were then cracked by Batman Arkham Videos.


It turns out that, if you set your console’s date to 13 December 2004, the day Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady was founded, you get some cryptic dialogue which seems to be referencing next years’s Batman: Arkham entry when you visit Calendar Man.

This isn’t the first time that a secret had been discovered years after a Rocksteady game was released. You may remember that a Batman: Arkham City easter egg was hidden in Batman: Arkham Asylum and that Rocksteady had to point people towards it after nobody found it.


We wonder if this latest Calendar Man easter egg was always there, or was patched in by Rocksteady more recently. Given Rocksteady’s history of carefully hiding secrets, we also wonder if there are more undiscovered clues to be found about Arkham Knight within Arkham City.


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