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CD Projekt Red Has Really Got It In For Assassin’s Creed

CD Projekt Red Has Really Got It In For Assassin’s Creed

You might remember The Witcher 2 taking a sly dig at Assassin’s Creed by including a dead Assassin lying next to a hay bail.

Well, CD Projekt Red has taken another cheeky dig at their rivals when talking about The Witcher 3’s side quests.

“Yeah, it’s definitely difficult to do that,” said The Witcher 3 producer Stan Just in an interview with Play in issue 249, when we asked about the difficulty of telling a story in an open world setting.

“What’s also difficult is to fill out the world with enough quests to do, while also making sure that those quests feel related to one another in some way. You have a lot of choices that you can make in the game, and they come in all shades of grey, so it’s difficult for us to work out all the intricacies and the relationships between those decisions,” Just explained.

Just said that even when you stumble across a side quest, it’ll be grounded in the the overarching story of the game.

“What you need to remember,  is that the world in Wild Hunt is experiencing political turmoil,” Just said. “A side quest about a force occupying a village might be a separate plot in itself and have a beginning and an end, but it’s also a plot that is grounded within the bigger storyline and the war.”

“These things are optional to do but if you do them you will find they are still part of the bigger picture,” Just continued.

We asked Just if this means The Witcher 3 won’t include sidequests that are no more than meaningless distractions.

“No,” he says,  laughing, “you won’t be doing things like searching for feathers”.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s a reference to Assassin’s Creed 2. Ouch. You just got burned, Assassin’s Creed.

Oh, for your reference, here’s the aforementioned Assassin’s Creed easter egg in The Witcher 2:


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  • andy

    I like searching for feathers. Just finished playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition on PC so I can get ready for the 2nd and the maybe the 3rd one then. What a load of crap the first one was though. I shudder to think what the vanilla edition was like because what I played was a bug riddled, awful combat and voice acting mess. They certainly aren’t ones to talk.

  • Heynowwhoawhat

    “Really have it in for assassin’s creed.” …Dude, don’t try to sensationalize things that aren’t news.

    You, and anyone who reacts to this article like “THANK GOD I HATE BAD SIDE-QUESTS” clearly have never played the witcher, or neverwinter nights, or baldurs gate, or any other class RPG that led up to the creation of the witcher. Traditionally, side-quests were never “Get ____number of ____”. Side-quests had all the same trappings of the main storyline…just on the side. GET IT?!!? LIKE A SIDE VERSION OF YOUR MAIN QUEST! WHOAAAAAAAAAAA HOW INNOVATIVE!

    They don’t “have it out” for any game. You asked if they’d have meaningless distractions, and they thought your question was inane and uninformed, so they gave you a patronizing answer. That’s all.

  • Corey

    Good. No feathers. No “please ride all the way across the world to retrieve this trinket…..bring it back to me and I will give you 2 gold coins.” yay…..side quest grinding is the bain of RPGs these days. Open worlds are awesome and beautiful. But they typically suck because of those types of things. I’d rather have a linear RPG with an awesome and well told story and interesting characters than an open world RPG with hours and hours of dumb “quests.”

  • Jako

    he wasn’t making fun of assassin creed he was talking about a quest in witcher 2 where you have to get like 100 harpy feathers