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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Director On “Overpowered” Sniper Rifles

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Director On “Overpowered” Sniper Rifles

“Sniper rifles are OP.” It’s a complaint you regularly here in relation to Call Of Duty games. But as Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’s multiplayer director told us in the latest issue of Play, those perceptions aren’t always reality.


“There were certain weapons that people thought were overpowered, which clearly they were,” said Bunting when we asked about the changes that Treyarch made to the game after receiving feedback from the game’s pre-launch beta.


However, what is more interesting to us is the scenario Bunting outlined where players tell you a particular weapons is overpowered, but the data suggests it is not.


“The way that we approach anything weather it’s a weapon or gameplay mechanics, is that we look at the emotional, perception, kind of touchy feely side of it, and then we also look at the raw science and hard data that comes back and you have to keep the two things in balance,” Bunting explained. “Sometimes they’re completely in sync and the things that people say line up with what the data tells you. Other times, they tell completely different stories and those are the ones that are more interesting challenges because you have to think about why do people perceive something this way, even if the statistics are telling you its not.”


“One of the most classic examples of that is sniper rifles,” Bunting continued. “They’re always controversial! People have a lot of strong opinions about them! A lot of players feel that they’re overpowered and perceive them as being overpowered, but all the statistics show that in terms of actual effectiveness in gameplay, they’re not nearly as effective as something like an assault rifle, which is way more accessible to any player.


“A sniper rifle takes a lot of skill to actually use in practice and be effective with it,” said Bunting. “I think it’s because it’s a very powerful weapon – some of them are one shot kills and any time you get killed in one shot in a multiplayer game, you’re always going to have that perception afterwards that something is overpowered and its wrong. It’s a matter of does it fit in the spectrum of mechanics we have in the game? Does it fit in a place that serves a gameplay role and that serves a purpose that is both fun to use and still viable if you’re working in a certain role on a team, for example. It’s always a balance.”


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