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Battlefield: Hardline first info

Battlefield: Hardline first info

We’ve had rumours of a police-themed Battlefield for some time now, but now it’s official – Visceral Games is developing Battlefield: Hardline, due for release in ‘fall’ 2014.

Confirmed by Visceral Games’ general manager Steve Papoutsis, Battlefield: Hardline will focus on the “the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.”

Papoutsis added that – after the leak earlier this week – Visceral had “been reading all of your comments and we’re excited to be going into more detail soon on the ways we’re adding new twists and turns to the foundation of Battlefield multiplayer and more about how we’re bringing our strengths at Visceral to single player.”

Visceral Games is best known for the Dead Space series, and while it may seem like a big departure, both franchises revolve around shooting people with guns. Whether the team can transfer from alien worlds to bank heists remains to be seen.

No further details or images were provided – barring an artwork collage that highlighted the police/thief theme of the game – but hopefully the official reveal at E3 will include a lot more information.

EA will officially unveil Battlefield: Hardline at its E3 2014 show, during its conference on 9 June.

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