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Yakuza 5 Will Be The Best Game Ever

Yakuza 5 Will Be The Best Game Ever

Yakuza 5 being the best game ever, yesterday.

Yakuza 5 is going to be the greatest game ever made. There’s no actual science to back this up, but it is fact. Just as John Daly’s ProStroke Golf was also the greatest game ever made, Yakuza 5 will be the greatest game ever made.

Why? Taxis. Taxis? Taxis.

Series protagonist and gangster-with-a-heart, Kazuma Kiryu, has gone done decided to leave the world of organised crime and get a real job. Again. Just like he has done before. But this time he’s not running an orphanage in the most Sega-looking coastal town that’s ever existed (those skies are so blue) – no, he’s operating as a taxi driver.

Granted, he’ll get back to stoving heads in at some point. Usually with nearby bicycles.

But before that, he’ll be driving a taxi. Picking up passengers. Dealing with drunks. Fending off violent customers. Participating in street races. Making his car pink (or other colours, we suppose).

In most other games this would confuse and potentially annoy, but the Yakuza series is one that – while not always the best to actually play – we love a great deal. Adding the ability/need for tough guy Kazuma to drive people around… it just makes us happy.

Yakuza 5: it’s going to be brilliant.

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