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XCOM Demo Hits PS3 Soon: A Game Deserving Your Attention

XCOM Demo Hits PS3 Soon: A Game Deserving Your Attention

An unknown enemy, yesterday.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will see a demo released ‘soon’ on PS3. This is the perfect opportunity for those of you out there who might be confused or not know a thing about the game to give it a blast and see just why it has me more excited about anything than I have been since 2001.

I am not telling you what happened in 2001 to make me so excited, so don’t ask.

While XCOM is pretty much guaranteed success on the PC – it is the home format, after all – I think there’s a chance it will be overlooked by some on the console side of things. This is not on.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown offers something interesting in the world of console gaming: intelligence. It rewards planning, demands thought and punishes rash – or stupid – decisions. It is a strategy game that actually involves strategy, while at the same time being far more accessible than the myriad SRPGs that pop up from Japan-way.

It’s not the sort of game we get a lot on console, in other words, making it the sort of game that you need to give a chance to. What better way than a free, no-risk demo? Well, the better way would be a free copy of the full game and the free time to play it in, of course. But I can’t do that for you. Sorry (I’m not sorry).

Plus there’s the fact the UI has actually been made for console (the PC version has its own, so there’s no cheap crossover or idiotic control decisions on show) – it’s not like the console strategy games of yore, which controlled like a shaved, greased up yak being fired out of a tube into a brick wall.

That sentence can also be said as: it works on console properly.

But all the pleading and begging in the world by a devout fan of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (or X-Com: Enemy Unknown in the EU on PSone, or X-Com: UFO Defense if you’re in America) probably won’t make you pay attention or convince you to care.

So there’s a demo. Which you should download and give a play. It won’t show you everything – early reports are saying it’s just a two-mission taster – but if it whets your appetite then there’s plenty more of it to come in the finished game.

And who knows? If enough people actually give a crap and buy the game on console, maybe more studios will bring us games with actual intelligence in them to the masses and we won’t just have to put up with BroManShoot 9000 Xtreme Edition or whatever shit it is coming out later this year.

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  • David Bowring

    I played Terror from the Deep to death as a young teenager and when my friend told me of this remake about three months ago, I’ve been following it ever since, I think I’ve watched every video and interview there is… Played the demo on Steam a few times today but I’m definitely getting it on the PS3 as my PC isn’t really a gaming rig these days. You’re right, more people need to get this game, we need more stuff like this..! Sick of the same old FPS crap..