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Wii U: Nintendo’s Future, Sony’s Now

Wii U: Nintendo’s Future, Sony’s Now

Two things doing the same thing, yesterday.

Nintendo’s Wii U went and had itself a details splurge last week, showering all those who cared to know in sticky white details. This is a horrible opening image I’ve presented you with, but – just like Nintendo with the name ‘Wii U’ – I apologise for nothing.

It’s not too expensive, setting you back about £310 for the decent-spec console with extra gubbins, 32GB hard drive, controller, blah de blah. That’s not original Wii cheap, but it’s not exactly what you can call expensive for what will be the most powerful console of this generation.

Because we should not delude ourselves into thinking this is a next-generation console. Aside from being home to more RAM and some slightlier tasiter specs, the Wii U does nothing the PS3, when combined with a PS Vita, can’t do.

There’s never going to be a huge push for cross-play or cross-compatibility between Vita and PS3 games, but the tech exists. It can be done. Developers that want to make games that can be played on the TV then transferred to the handheld and carried on can do so. Not in the future: now. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, take a bow.

So, aside from my inherent inability to be anything other than a raving Sony fanboy, I’m not seeing much of anything from Wii U that’s making me care. Its unique selling points aren’t unique to me, nor are they selling points to me, because I already have things that can do what it promises to do.

There are details and features, software and services specifically made for Wii U that make it stand out; that do make it unique. But what’s stopping Sony from revealing similar? What’s stopping Sony from updating PlayTV to do exactly what that Wii U TV thing is going to do? What’s stopping Sony from getting more devs to make cross-play titles? Money, time and inclination, of course. But nothing really on the technical side of things.

What’s stopping you from playing Metal Gear Solid 3 on your TV, transferring your progress to your Vita and carrying on while ‘taking a break’ on the can? Nothing. What’s stopping you from doing that with the equivalent game on Wii U? A ruddy great wire, that’s what.

Wait, what do you mean it’s wireless? That’s my whole argument down the pan. Oh well.

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  • ex-sell69

    Wait long enough, and every thing that exist now will soon become out of date. See what I just wrote now? Well, it’s in the past when you read it. So yeah, the WII U isn’t the future of technology, it’s just another video game system. And you’re right, a PS3 plus the Vita could do What the WII U can… But not at the same price! The WII U is cheaper than a PS3 / Vita together. And as of right now, how many PS3 owners have a Vita? Not many. So my point is, wait lone enough, and soon the PS3, Vita, and the WII U, will be as out of date as the PS2 / PSP. So have fun today, because in the future we’re either very old or dead.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Are you ex-Play member Steve Burns in disguise?

  • DO’G

    @ exsell69 thats probably, one of the most depressing comments i’ve had the pleasure in reading, especially on a Monday bleeting morning.

  • Reece

    Plus, it’s not exactly a slick piece of hardware…