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Watch Dogs: Awww Yeah

Watch Dogs: Awww Yeah


It’s easy to be down on E3: after all, recent shows seem like they were explicitly designed to break the minds of gamers everywhere, what with the constant wheeling out of corporate droids at every opportunity to tell you you’re doing gaming wrong.


The plight of E3 is something we’ve covered, but enough negativity. The show is over: let’s talk about the positives, one of which is Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs.


Although we still don’t buy that the version we saw will be the version we get, graphics-wise, there’s enough potential in Watch Dogs’ gameplay to make even the more cynical members of the Play team pay attention. The tech-hacking mechanic that underpins the game is a neat spin on stealth and infiltration, augmenting straight observation and distraction techniques with intelligence gathering.


It’s an idea that could take the game anywhere. We saw phones and traffic light systems getting taken over, wreaking havoc. It’s a cool new toy for the sandbox, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.


But what’s got us really excited is the multiplayer. Nothing’s concrete, and there are only a few teases out there, but we know it exists, and its potential is huge. Instead of being a standard co-op open worlder as we know it, with two players going through the same story, it appears that we’ll be able to interact with other players as different stories converg


Imagine being given a directive to assassinate another player, help them or solicit their help. The tactical options are huge, especially with the hacking mechanic in play. What if Ubisoft go the whole hog and release a dedicated phone app that enables you to hack other player’s games on the move, just like in-game?


It might not come to pass, of course. It might all be a load of old nonsense. But right now, it’s probably our game of the show. Roll on release day.

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