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Watch Dog Announced – First PS4 Title?

Watch Dog Announced – First PS4 Title?

The Ubisoft E3 press conference has just happened and you may have noticed the seismic shock reverberating around t’internet thanks to its show-closing title Watch Dogs.

The title has been in development for two years and is focused on technology – we see main character Aiden Pearce switched off local technology outside of a nightclub to gain entrance and later switching off traffic lights to cause an accident.

Gameplay-wise, it’s an enigma but it seems to combine the gadgetry of Splinter Cell, man-among-civilians element of Hitman, futuristic noir theme of Deus Ex and cover fire play of Uncharted. But really, these comparisons are lazy journalist shorthand. In truth, none of those comparisons ring true to how Watch Dogs play out, so have a look for yourself and see…

The interesting part – no console was mentioned. Nor was a release date given.

That in itself isn’t particularly remarkable if you argue that no consoles were stated for any of Ubisoft’s games but consider the rest of Ubisoft’s line-up was known IP and it would make sense for them to state that Watch Dogs was coming out for current-gen consoles. If only to eliminate the question.

Watch the gameplay demo again and the technology seems so advanced… is this the first glimpse of a PlayStation 4 title in action? No-one can answer the question either way right now but regardless, Watch Dogs still looks incredible.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has cleared up the confusion by confirming Watch Dogs to be a PS3, Xbox 360 and PC release. So it’s not a PS4 title, just one of the best looking titles on PS3… or at least should be, as the E3 demo we saw was apparently running off a PC.