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The Walking Dead concludes tomorrow on PSN

The Walking Dead concludes tomorrow on PSN

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting patiently for the next episode of your favourite show only to suffer a powercut right before it starts. That’s not too far removed from the truth – well, an odd analog for the truth, but that’s close enough – about what happened with Telltale’s excellent The Walking Dead. So good was the team’s take on the comics (and, to a lesser extent, the show) that we all forgot about how awful Jurassic Park was and each zombie-heavy episode left us on the edge of our seats and desperate for more.

But for one reason or another, ‘more’ didn’t come as regularly as planned. Stricken with delays and no-shows, the mini-series’ PS3 life has been rough, so it’s great to know that it’ll all be over tomorrow. Episode 5 (entitled ‘No Time Left’) will hit the EU PlayStation Store as part of tomorrow’s update, your choices throughout the season so far either paying off at last or coming back to bite you in the ass. Better hope you made the right calls…

And if news of this finale leaves you saddened by the lack of other games that fuse traditional point-and-click action and zombie apocalypses, worry not – Telltale has already announced that a second digital season is in the works, hardly surprising given just how popular the games have been. Download it, play it, love it, fear it… and then the waiting can begin again.

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  • Adrian

    This sounds like a great game. Will this ever be released on disc? Not everybody has broadband….

  • Couldn’t agree more on that Adrian. Especially those from countries were the broadband connection it’s at it’s first.