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Twisted Metal started life as a PSN game

Twisted Metal, coming this year to PS3, is a game I personally am rather excited by. The first game was one of the earliest PSone titles my friends and I would have tournaments on during our dinner time at school, and Twisted Metal 2 amped that up even more.

Suddenly there was a blank period where no Twisted Metal games came out. NO TWISTED METAL GAMES CAME OUT. Then, just as suddenly, TM: Black came and was brilliant. It’s a series I love.

But I’m still not sure – while it should do okay in the US, where it is usually well-received, car combat doesn’t seem to be as big a draw here in Europe. I thought to myself, why not just release Twisted Metal as a PSN-only game? Seems I wasn’t the only one who thought that, as Jaffe explained to IGN:

“This Twisted Metal started as a PSN game. Sony is the one that came to us and said they wanted more; they liked what they were seeing and wanted to make it into a full retail product.”

What do you think? Would it have been a better bet as a download-only release? A premium PSN title? Or do you think it’ll do okay in the UK and Europe, regardless of our past ignorance of the series? Do you even care? Use your words in the box below.

[via IGN]

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  • Garan

    I think its deserving of a full retail release,(andcollectorseditionwithSweetToothfigure).