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Total Recall Bundled With God Of War: Ascension. Hurray?

Total Recall Bundled With God Of War: Ascension. Hurray?

Kratos IS Quaid! Yesterday.

It’s the deal we’ve all been waiting for – the most legendary and obvious mash-up of all time: buy Total Recall on Blu-ray, get a demo of God Of War: Ascension for free!

Alright, so it’s not obvious in the way you might expect. But it is obvious in another way – one that’s been used and abused before and is, in actuality, a great tradition with game demos. Basically, you bundle something people want with the crap they don’t.

Total Recall – the 2012 remake starring Colin “Well, In Bruges Was Good” Farrell – is a bunch of arse. It is a superficial mess of faux-cleverness and that bloke from Breaking Bad getting the snot kicked out of him. It’s a film to watch when you’re drunk, and even then you probably won’t enjoy it.

Unless you’re as dumb as it is.

But anyway, the next God Of War game, Ascension, has some interest from gamers. Not much when compared to GOW3, mind, but it does have people who want to know what the hell it’s all about. And so it makes sense: they’ll put up with a bad film (but hey, it’s shiny and will look good in HD!) to be able to play the demo of a game they’re interested in.

Even if this technique might not be as applicable in the days where every PS3 owner has direct access to the PS Store if they have an internet connection. But hey, that’s another point for another time.

As said, this is a technique used before a few times to lure people in. Do you think Zone Of The Enders would have sold anything like it did on the PS2 were it not for the fact it was bundled with a Metal Gear Solid 2 demo? Of course it wouldn’t.

Would Brave Fencer Musashi be the sort of game I can recall from memory, quickly, easily and without having to look up its title, if it weren’t for the fact it was bundled with a Final Fantasy VIII demo? Of course it wouldn’t.

Would Dragon’s Dogma have received as much attention as it did if it weren’t bundled with a Resident Evil 6 demo? Some would say yes, but I think they’re deluded.

It’s a see through technique. But hey, it works. But just to remind you: Total Recall (2012 edition) is a shit film.

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