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Top 6 Most Important Black Ops II Questions

Top 6 Most Important Black Ops II Questions


How Is Woods Still Alive?


As the trailer started we thought to ourselves: blimey, Woods looks good for a man exploded via suicide bomber in the 60s. How did he survive? Is he now distinctly un-dead because he was voted best character by gamers in some awards show? We need answers.


How Much Of The Game Will Be Set In The 1980s?


With the Cold War threatening to heat up and boil the planet, mullets in fashion and Bananarama in the charts, the 80s is a rich source of terrifying inspiration for Treyarch to pull from.  But how much of the game will be set there? And will there be a more low-key focus to these proceedings, or will it all go a bit Rambo III? (Probably.)


Will Horses Be An Unlockable Killstreak In Multiplayer?


Sounds like a stupid suggestion, right? Kind of, but we’ve been able to take control of everything from tanks to helicopters in Treyarch’s take on Call Of Duty: why not horses?


Because it is stupid, and probably unworkable of course, but just imagine the uproar. People hate the dogs killstreak: we’d pay good money to see their faces when PsyCh0K111LLLA 3490 rides onto the battlefield.



How Futuristic Will The Game Actually Be?


Although Activision and Treyarch have gone to lengths to suggest that the answer is ‘not as much as you think’, there’s still the unanswered question of how all this tech – most of it unmanned, remember – will change the classic COD feel. Woods says in the trailer that wars still need soldiers, but we’re looking forward to seeing how these changes play out, and if they clash with the more low-tech 80s sections.


How Different Will Multiplayer Be?


Similar to the last question, how will all this new stuff affect the MP game? How much will that classic, yet well-won, template change? Treyarch is promising big things, but it can’t deviate too far from the blueprint that made the series so successful. Call Of Duty is still wildly popular, but it also needs to mix it up to stay relevant. The question is how.


How Different Will The Branching Storylines Be?


Another big feature being touted for Black Ops II is branching  storylines. During the narrative, you can choose different actions – and then see the consequences that go with them. Question is, just how different will they be? It’s not Mass Effect, but given the way Call Of Duty loves to kill people off we’re interested to see how much choice is actually there.


Apparently it’s possible to ‘die’ in the new Strike Force mode, which breaks up the campaign and is billed as tactical battle in sandbox environments. But these characters aren’t main cast, we’ve heard, so will the game still decide who lives and who dies out of Strike Force?


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