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Top 3 Merch Items At TGS 2011

Top 3 Merch Items At TGS 2011

You may think it’s all about pillows with images of girls who look like they’re about four years old on them, and, well – you’d be a bit right. Because there’s a lot of that around, and it’s unnerving.

But I spotted these three bits of sheer brilliance and they all annoyed me because they’re so DAMN EXPENSIVE and I am poor. First up, an Ace Combat flight jacket – which was either £98 or £980, I forget which:

Second, and a bit better, is this shirt for Resident Evil. I would certainly have bought the crap out of it if it hadn’t been about £50. Fifty smackers for a bloody t-shirt, what is this world coming to?

Third, and obviously best of all, mainly because it didn’t have a price on it* (also because it’s Barry Burton) was this:

You damn right – that’s Barry Burton’s hand-cannon. WANT WANT WANT WANT.

*It may well have a price on it. My Japanese is non-existent to terrible at best.

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