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Tokyo Jungle Almost Didn’t Exist. Saved By EU/Japan’s GSOH

Tokyo Jungle Almost Didn’t Exist. Saved By EU/Japan’s GSOH

A beagle facing off against a lion, yesterday.

Living in a world where seemingly only sequels and remakes are released, where the boss of one of the biggest videogame publishers in the world says ‘new IP? No ta’ (not a direct quote) and where the only games allowed any real coverage are boring-as-hell multi-million selling shooters/stabbers, it’s genuinely bizarre to see a genuinely bizarre game actually get released.

We’ve totally gone and got the whole SEO thing wrong here by not writing Tokyo Jungle Bieber nude Call Of Duty Kate Middleton topless in the first paragraph. Ah well.

But we are talking about Tokyo Jungle. Okay, so it’s not a big release – it’s out via PSN, it’s about £15 or so, it’s not vying for the title of Biggest Of All The Game Releases 2012. But it exists. It’s there. It came out worldwide. And if Sony had had its way, it probably wouldn’t have.

Speaking to the Sony Blog, Tokyo Jungle’s director Yohei Kataoka said this of the publisher’s initial reaction to the game:

“It was bad! Initially! It wasn’t received so well at the very beginning. I think there weren’t so many people that thought this game would sell just based on the concept.”

Fortunately, it didn’t stop at the initial reaction as it might do in other companies – thought was put into it, public reaction was considered, decisions were actually measured, rather than rash:

“But as the game started to take form there was good user reaction and feedback…. When we started to show the game in Europe, we saw that there was a good response and reaction and that actually in some respects pushed forward the development of the game. Like any other project, it might just have stopped with a Japanese release, or depending on how gamers and media reacted, it may actually have stopped development all together.”

And that would have made us very sad indeed. BUT WAIT! More words:

“But we had an opportunity to show the videos to Europe and US audiences and the European audience thought it was hilarious. So maybe there is something more similar in the sensibilities of Europeans and the Japanese. We thought we’d be able to release in Japan and Europe but we weren’t so sure about the US. But we got help and we’re now able to release there as well.”

So well done on your reaction to the game – on our reaction to the game. Without it, Tokyo Jungle might not have happened at all. Now go download it – it’s great fun.

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