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BioShock Infinite’s Columbia in toy form

BioShock Infinite’s Columbia in toy form

toycolumbia1Well, we didn’t see this one coming. Avalanche’s creative staffers have announced that they’ve been busy in the game’s Toy Box mode and will be making their first wave of impressive creations available as free DLC. Most impressive of the lot is a full recreation of the flying city of Columbia, although we don’t remember visiting Carl from Up’s house in BioShock Infinite.

There are also worlds from other Avalanche staff and members of Infinity’s QA team based on Tron and the Jungle Cruise Disney attraction, plus a pair of levels build to show off the kind of challenges that can be made in Toy Box – Blue Breakout is a taxing maze and Sky Gauntlet works like an airborne version of the televised idiot punishment that is Total Wipeout.

Toy Box mode clearly has mad potential, so it’s great to see the developers so quick to show the world just how much can be done with this user-friendly, Disney-flavoured slice of LittleBigPlanet-esque creation. We feel the need to up the stakes now, so perhaps we’ll devote the rest of the year to creating Toy Rapture. Or, more accurately, make a diving bell than go do something else and forget we ever even started on the project. Yeah, that sounds more accurate…

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