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Timesplitters 4 Could Be Free-To-Play, Kickstartered – Which Is Brilliant

Timesplitters 4 Could Be Free-To-Play, Kickstartered – Which Is Brilliant

A chimp in powered armour, yesterday.

Timesplitters 4 isn’t happening, but then Timesplitters 4 is happening but as free-to-play, but then Timesplitters 4 isn’t happening unless there’s a Kickstarter for it, but then Crytek doesn’t want to do a Kickstarter (or does it?).

We’re all for people from development studios actually talking about things for once, rather than hitting back with the “we’re not talking about that right now, please focus on BZZT PR-Bot error BZZT the pre-approved conversationBZZTal topics”. But then we’re all for not being fed a load of confusion.

Whatever the case, it seems Crytek hasn’t completely abandoned the idea of making a fourth entry to the wonderful Timesplitters series. But it does look much like this won’t be a traditional release, should it ever see the light of day.

First up there’s the point about Crytek transitioning into free-to-play releases, meaning it’s something Timesplitters 4 could be released as. “Noo!” the fool cries, blinded by the word ‘free’, “that will mean the game sucks donkey ass!” they add, idiotically. See, F2P is a big part of the future of gaming, and not just with flash games, MMOs or other outdated concepts. Tribes Ascend, Dust 514, some others we can’t remember – they’re all going down this route and they are all doing it right. There’s no reason Timesplitters 4 – a multiplayer-only downloadable F2P release – couldn’t do the same.

But Crytek still doesn’t seem like it particularly wants to take a risk with what it sees as, well, risky. Which is where the current fashion for Kickstarter jams its clammy hands in your face and rubs your cheeks up all good and proper, like. Set aside a small team, raise some capital through fans (which also shows Those In Charge that there is interest in the game to begin with) and get development developed. Simple, yeah? In fact, we’re struggling to think of negatives here – it would either get funded or it wouldn’t, and either way we’d know if it was coming or not, instead of this endless, irritating uncertainty.

That sounds good to us.

Basically, while the headline is Cevat Yerli saying “nobody would accept” a Timesplitters sequel and that publishers don’t care about it, the real story is that Crytek is actually looking at other ways to get the game made and in our hands.

A Kickstarter-backed, multiplayer-only free-to-play download on PSN would be… well, it would be good. It just would, wouldn’t it?

[original story from CVG]

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