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The Other Resident Evil Game We Want On PS3 This Year

The Other Resident Evil Game We Want On PS3 This Year



Resident Evil 6 is on its way later this year, and for that we can all be thankful. (Unless it’s guff of course, but we doubt that.) That little bundle of horrific joy aside however, there’s another Resident Evil game that we wish would also be joining it on Sony’s machine. A Resi game so good it makes almost every other survival horror game out there look like Blues Clues. A Resident Evil game that is already out, and has been for about ten years. A Resident Evil game on A NINTENDO PLATFORM. Sigh.


We talk of course about the Resident Evil remake that popped up on the GameCube. The best remake of all time, and a towering achievement in scaring people’s brains to death, Capcom’s canny use of pre-rendered backdrops (like the original game on PSOne) means that it’s gorgeous even to this day.


It plays as well as it looks, taking the classic PlayStation original and tweaking it just enough, with new environments and enemies, to feel like an entirely fresh experience.


And where is it now? Languishing on the Wii and GameCube. We know it was Ninty exclusive back in the day, but come on. We’re all friends now. Can’t we just have an up-rezed version on PSN now please? You’re not doing anything with it, Nintendo. Let everyone else play.


And if it’s Capcom or Sony’s fault? Shame on you. Bundle this on the same Blu-ray as Resi 6 and we’ll give you a million pounds. Maybe.


What we’re saying is, third-part exclusivity deals of the past affecting games in the future is bunk. We don’t care who’s to blame, just sort it out.




  • shaun

    Yes, just sort it.