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The Last Of Us Demo bundled with God Of War: Ascension

The Last Of Us Demo bundled with God Of War: Ascension

As the self explanatory headline has probably informed you, buyers of God of War: Ascension, which hits on March 15h, will be able to play an exclusive demo of The Last Of Us at a slightly later date. As explained on the Playstation blog, all you will need is your God Of War: Ascension disc, which includes details on how you can access the demo for free as soon as it is released.

This is a sly move on Sony’s part. Everyone is looking forward to The Last Of Us (everyone!) while God Of War: Ascension, while likely to sell well, probably doesn’t have quite as many fans. Remember when Konami included a demo for Metal Gear Solid 2 with the then-unknown Zone Of The Enders? It sold pretty well as a result, and the same is likely to be true here. Clever Sony, you sly dogs. We just hope a demo for The Rest Of Us (hahahahaha) becomes available at some point as well.

  • TrueDatt

    Anyone else not excited for GoW Ascension? GoW is one of my favorite series, its the reason i bought a ps2 back in the day, and the reason i now own a ps3. But Ascension just seems like a money grab multiplayer shit with a bonus single player campaign.. It seems all the developers are focusing on is multiplayer. They havent stopped talking about it ever since they announced it. And sure it would be fine by me if they actually discussed the single player in return, but they didnt. They even admitted it themselves, saying that multiplayer is their priority, and that the story, because of that, is gonna be significantly shorter. Hell the game is only a couple months away, and we’ve only seen ONE, ONE story trailer, which really just showed kratos beating the hell out of an elephant man. I should have known when they said it was a prequel. I mean why make a prequel when you ended the last game on a giant cilff hanger? Any thoughts, Play mag? Or anyone?