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The Last Of Us Allows You To Avoid Combat

The Last Of Us Allows You To Avoid Combat

"Watch out! Violence!" Yesterday.

The Last Of Us will be exactly like Dishonored, if false statements we’ve just made up are to be believed.

Alright, so it’s not that. What it is is that The Last Of Us will have some sections where you aren’t expected to brutally execute a man desperate to survive with a shotgun blast to the face at extreme close range.

Don’t let this confuse you, though – while there are claims you can play through parts of The Last Of Us without killing anyone, this certainly isn’t the same as Dishonored’s ‘you can play the whole damn thing without killing anyone’ game. As the pertinent quote states:

“There will be other options. We do have the opportunity for you to go around, and not even do any combat. There are going to be areas where you can completely avoid combat if you want.”

‘There are going to be areas’ – not everywhere, not all the time. It almost feels like a bit of a pointless factor; something thrown in there to mitigate the complaints made against the Massive Damage seen in a few trailers for the game so far.

So yeah, that initial opening sentence was a tad misleading. Utterly false, actually – as we pointed out.

But it could be a positive step forwards for gaming: nothing wrong with killing in games, don’t misunderstand. But there is more to it than just stabbing and shooting and smashing the life out of everyone and everything. The more massive releases that embrace this way of thinking, the better.

Anyway, back to our Dishonored no-kill playthrough.

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