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The Console War Is Over. We Have A Winner.

The Console War Is Over. We Have A Winner.

As the dust settles on the battlefield, one figure remains. Standing tall, proud and massively overweight. The console war is over and it is the PlayStation 3 that reigns supreme. Xbox 360 is vanquished, Wii never really stood a chance – it is Sony that has emerged victorious.

But how did this all come to pass? Easily, it turned out. While 360 concentrated its efforts on making more dirge for its wave-and-dance control system that nobody above the age of four liked, Wii carried on the same path of making more dirge for its waggle-and-dance control system that nobody above the age of four liked.

PS3? PS3 went rogue. It took a risk. A huge risk and one that paid off. While Microsoft was busy not communicating; not bothering to listen, Sony went and formulated the strike that would end the conflict. It signed five exclusive characters for Street Fighter X Tekken.

The roll-out was gradual, showing us inFamous’s Cole and his involvement and the inclusion of Kuro and Toro popped up, though we still don’t know who or what they are. Those manoeuvres weakened Xbox, but it wasn’t enough to end the conflict. That didn’t come until today.

Today, when it was revealed that Sony had launched a tactical strike of both Pac-Man and Mega Man. “Oh!” you cry, tears streaming down your face, “but how could such a simple move end such a devastating conflict?”

Simple, you poor war orphan, you: by being piss-takes. Pac-Man riding Mokujin from Tekken? Mega Man being modelled on the awful 80s box art that we’ve all laughed at at some point in our lives?

The final blow came swiftly; decisively. The console war is over, and it’s all thanks to a fat bloke in an ill-fitting, brightly-coloured suit. Named Mega. Because apparently ‘Dave’ is a bit too weird.

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    I’m sorry but who cares about exclusive contents!
    The ps3 won by its games not some toro something in a rehashed fighting game.

  • Grrrr

    Consider it a temporaray reprieve.
    The true winners will live in the cloud, Onlive, Gaikai, Steam etc will triumph on cost alone.
    Why pay £300 for a shiny black box and then another £30 on top of that to buy a game when you can just pay £30 (or less) to Onlive and play with £300 still sitting in your bank account?
    If Apple and MP3’s could kill the CD what chance that Google and the Cloud won’t do the same to Sony and Microsoft?

  • Akiviri

    To say that Sony won the ‘Console War’ because of exlusive characters in a game that the majority of gamers won’t even glance at is not only naive, it’s totally shameful.

    Personally as an owner of the PS3 and PC, I can tell you that hands down that PC gaming surpasses console gaming by far, but as that isn’t on the table right now, I’ll refrain from continuing this point.

    The XBOX 360 released over a year earlier than the PS3? I’m pretty sure it’s had more sales overall than the PS3 and with exlusives such as Gears Of War and Halo to back it up, regardless of this notion you’ve raised, Microsoft win hands down (I would like to add that Halo is a pitiful game in my honest opinion – but I’m not the majority!).

    Not to mention Call Of Duty being promoted mainly for the XBOX 360, you’d think this was enough to prove a point.

    Sony lost this time. Good game boys.

  • Joey

    @ Grrr
    Your 300 pound argument’s silly unless everyone gets free computers which they don’t so it’s invalid. INVALID! You invalid invalid!

  • Jamie

    *Looks up*

    Yeah, what Joey said…..

  • Grrr

    Go to Onlive now, preorder PES 2011, get a micro console for free. £30 for a game and a console. PC? only to access the website in the first place and you could do that on your phone.
    And no, I don’t work for Onlive btw!

  • Conor

    Let us all remember those who perished in this brutal and savage war…all zero of them.. XD

  • Jack

    Children please. Don’t ignore the pros of buying a console, but neither hassle those who do so. Lest you shame those who gave their lives in the conflict to be spoken of from generations to come, the console war.
    For the sake of FENIXII I will say a few words in retrospect of this blog post.
    I got them from a dictionary.
    “Sarcasm: Harsh or bitter derision or irony.”
    “Derision: Ridicule; Mockery.”
    “Irony: The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.”

    Thank you for listening everyone. And never forget.

  • shaun

    @Akiviri Xbox maybe at the moment ahead in console sales but only by 1million that may seem alot but as microsoft and sony sell around 1.2 million copies every quarter worldwide you could say ps3 is just 3 months behind, but seeing as ps3 released almost exactly a year after xbox 360 it should be a year behind but its not, which clearly points to ps3 overtaking xbox sometime this year or maybe early next year,
    but its catching up even with its devastating hack crisis last year it still OUTSOLD xbox360 for the whole of 2011 worldwide.

    And even with more xbox’s in the world ps3 games still sell better than xbox360 games overall what does that tell you? maybe more people buy xbox360 just for games like call of duty and only buy the new release yearly where ps3 owners buy different genres and buy the ps3 for all round entertainment and not just run and gun games.

    And for some reason i see the xbox360 as a more arcadey kind of computer, great for run and gun not so great for RPG’s, try running a game like skyrim on xbox and im sure it will split in half, not to mention comming with around 4 discs just to run the whole game *please insert disc two to continue reading* sorry about that no blu ray you see.
    While i see ps3 as a powerhouse because you always hear it being said that currently ps3 isnt even running half of what it could, well if thats true then im sure im in for even more amazing games than i already got through upto this point.
    *please insert disc 3 to continue playing* im kidding its not that bad. ISIT?

  • shaun

    @Grrr Actualy you need a pc to install Onlive before you can do anything. And a pc costs alot more than a ps3.