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T-minus about 10 months left to play Demon’s Souls properly

You’re running out of time to play one of this year’s best releases how it should be played. That is, one of this year’s releases here in Europe, as it actually came out last year in the US. But I digress. See, there’s only an unspecific amount of time left to take in all the glory, majesty and fun there is with Demon’s Souls online functionality – oh, and the difficulty too. Mustn’t forget the difficulty.

Atlus has announced that the game’s online servers will continue to run until around October of 2011 – though no definite timeframe has been placed on it. After this time they will be shut off. Admittedly I have no idea if this includes the European servers too, and I’d hope not as it would mean we’ve had far less time available to us, but it’s likely the case. Basically, you’ve only got 10-or-so months to play Demon’s Souls how it’s meant to be played.

Of course, you’re more than able to play and enjoy the game offline – as well as die a lot – but that’s missing an integral part of what makes Demon’s Souls so much fun. Without online you are stripped of the ability to jump into the games of others, to have them jump in to help you or to have them invade to mess your shit up like the utter gits they are (though I have to say, last time a black soul invaded my game I kicked the snot out of him. Take that, whoever you were!).

Either way Demon’s Souls is one of the best releases of recent times and needs some more love, even though as far as I’m aware it’s already done pretty well. But from another, more appealing perspective: it’s for your own good. Buy it now so you can really see some wonderful online integration along with a game that’s just brilliant. Then, once the servers do die, you’ll still have a great game left over.

So it has been said, it is written as shall is will be. Amen.

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