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Steam On PS3: The Dream Worth Dreaming

Steam On PS3: The Dream Worth Dreaming

Steam, yesterday.

PSN is making the right moves when it comes to the content it offers. There’s a wide range of games, movies, TV shows and whatever else, there’s a fair few sales and PlayStation Plus almost justifies its price of entry. Almost.

But it isn’t perfect – while we’re seeing more publishers offering day-and-date releases of their games both in shops and digitally, there’s still the problem of them costing £A Lot. Anybody remember the hilarity that ensued when Red Faction: Armageddon cost £57? Yeah, things like that.

Another, seemingly unrelated, problem comes in the form of how little Steamworks has been used on PS3 since Portal 2’s release. We were promised the world, so far all we’ve had is an interesting curio.

But there’s the space for something to change – for something to become brilliant. And it’s by combining these two disparate elements into one united force for Good and Right: turn Steamworks into full-on Steam, the online game shop, and allow it to offer games for purchase.

Allow EA to bring Origin to PS3. Let Gamersgate, Green Man Gaming and whoever else sell their wares through PSN. Let the competition compete and let the gamers on the other side of all this see the benefits. Sony would still make money – royalties, payment to use PSN, whatever – and these companies would be able to offer more games to more people. Surely it’s win-win-win-win-win-WIN-draw-win?

There’s already an element of diversity on the movie side of things – rentals and purchases are available directly through the store, LoveFilm offers a streaming service and Netflix has got in on the action – to great acclaim. The US has even more choice, with services like Hulu popping up for our Yank cousins.

What has this competition done for the video side of things on PS3? Nothing but good. Would it definitely work this well on the gaming purchase side of things? I have no idea, but I think it’s worth a try.

If only so we don’t have to live through another Armageddon Fiasco, as it’s been coined. By me. Just now.

Another thing is it might encourage more indie developers to bring their games to PS3. Say it’s distributed on PC/Mac through Steam – why not develop a PS3 version at the same time too, as the framework would already be there with which to distribute it? It just makes sense.

Steam on PS3? I’d love that.

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  • Conor

    Steam would be great, but screw origin,thats one of EA’S Evil Machinations.