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Steam On PS3: Is There A Point?

Steam On PS3: Is There A Point?

Remember how excited we were when it was announced that Steam would be coming to PS3 along with Portal 2? “Hark!” we exclaimed, “this will forever change the face of modern console gaming!” we added, prone to hyperbole as we are.

Yet here we sit, almost a year removed from the release of Portal 2 and Steam on PS3, and what have we got to show for it? Not a single follow-up release has taken advantage of the system. No further functionality has been added over the last almost-year and generally it has sat there, ignored and stagnating.

Even though it’s a very good idea and hugely interesting addition to the PS3’s online infrastructure.

We’re going to see something else pop up in the shape of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which will take advantage of Steam. But that’s it.

It’s a good system, why aren’t we seeing more advantage taken of it? Not even by other publishers – why isn’t Valve pushing more with it? Is it showing how it’s a pretty redundant system when the whole shop aspect of it is removed? Does the fact that the PS Store exists render most of Steam on PS3’s functionality useless?

Sony would be unlikely to agree to allowing Valve to put its back catalogue up for sale through Steam, for example. So what else is it going to do apart from being an extra bit of software through which to deliver patches and achievements?

I have no idea. I am merely thinking aloud. But to me it seems like Steam on PS3 is all bluster – a PR stunt that’s been all but forgotten about.

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  • Brandon

    Just heard about Steam the other day(no lie) and looked into the PS3 part since I only own laptops which are incapable of playing any decent game on. Steam has outrageously low prices on their games, which I thought would be great for us PS3 users. Then all I could really find was the Portal 2 release, and quickly realized that Sony would never allow the PSN to be undercut like that. That being said, Steam will never run through the PS3 unless Sony starts dropping game prices drastically throughout their entire inventory. No way does that ever happen.

  • Ke11iente

    I also only found out about Steam on PS3 recently (I don’t own a PS3, the boyfriend does). I was really excited about the possibility of us playing games cross-platform (I game on a PC) or even the possibility of him getting mods for games like Skyrim– a capability which would greatly enhance the replayability of games like that. Too bad Steam on PS3 is a shell of what it could be. I’m greatly disappointed, but at least I feel further vindicated in my choice of gaming platform.

  • TheGrandWizard

    I have to agree with your opinion Ian; Steam on PS3 was a logical move (from an on-line infrastructure standpoint). Clearly there are many potential gamers out there, who for one reason or another may not have even heard of Steam (as Brandon states above – and by the way there is no shame in NOT knowing Brandon). The PS3 platform had the clear potential to “lure” new customers. Sadly, the stumbling block here is indeed Sony. Commercial interests will always dictate the final outcome in what is still (and may always remain) a “brave new world”.

  • A big shame: I was expecting some noise from Steam when the PS4 was released, but no such luck