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Sorry Lightbox, Starhawk Deserved To Do Better

Sorry Lightbox, Starhawk Deserved To Do Better

Starhawk being good, yesterday.

In what has to go down as a huge case of ‘that’s a shame’, Starhawk developer Lightbox Interactive has announced redundancies, downsizing and a refocusing on iOS development.

The move comes after Starhawk failed to set the charts alight, or even kick up a few sparks in the first place. It might not be a related issue, but it would be a fair assumption to make.

This, despite the fact that Starhawk was actually really quite good. Sure, it had ignorable single-player that acted as little more than a training mode – yet was pushed as a fully-fledged thing. And yes, it was marketed so little that more people know of the existence of this little blue toy figure thing I have under my work computer than they do the game.

But it was a damn fine online title and it did some genuinely interesting things with the third-person shooter/vehicle-‘em-up genre (that we just made up). Not least of which was the RTS element, which was frankly the closest we’re going to get to Starhawk 2 on PS3.

Then there’s how our very own Samuel refers to it as ‘the spiritual successor to Star Wars Battlefront’, which is as glowing an endorsement as you could get.

It had everything stacked in its favour, yet it just went out and died. And that’s a big, fat shame. Starhawk was a genuine alternative – an interesting title in a morass of me-too, identikit blah – something different to play online for once.

Ah well, it still exists and you can still get it for cheap. So probably do that, yeah? Yeah.

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