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Sony Wants You To Design The New DualShock 3, Ish

Sony Wants You To Design The New DualShock 3, Ish

Sony wants you to help create a new DualShock 3 design! At least, that’s what the headline and the Tweet from the company says. Turns out Sony is just as bad as all those nefarious gaming publications that publish outlandish lies as headlines. Yeah, Sony’s just giving you the chance to pick a new colour.

That’s not designing a new DualShock 3, we have to say. That’s barely even helping. That’s coming up with a colour/some colours, submitting the design to the PS Blog and sitting back waiting for the army of plebes to vote down your “gay” colouration.

So we’ve decided to run our own competition where you actually do get to design a new DualShock 3 pad for the whole world to use.

The one change here will be the fact it won’t actually get produced, unless it’s so amazing Sony would be stupid not to make it.

To get you all going, here’s our first design for a new DualShock 3 – it certainly isn’t just a differently-coloured plastic shell, that much is clear:

It's... beautiful. Yesterday.

The hammer is to smite those who believe they can beat you (only works in same-room situations), the Thor Pez dispenser hands out delicious treats while you’re playing (only available in Thor as no other Pez is good enough) and the bag of money is because who doesn’t want a bag of money (different currencies are available, including Italian Lira even though it hasn’t been used for ten years).

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