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So Apparently There’s Another Hitman Game After Absolution

So Apparently There’s Another Hitman Game After Absolution

This is not Hitman Absolution 2, yesterday.

Hitman Absolution is the next Hitman game, but it turns out there’s another Hitman title in the works at Square Enix Montreal.

Not to harm my incredible, untainted and all-around perfect track record as a superstar journalist, but: why did nobody fax me about this news?

We’ve been playing Hitman Absolution a fair bit recently in preview form and it’s looking like it could well turn out to be bloody good. Could. Not will. We’ve also been playing it a bit more for review but the joy that is embargoes stops me from saying anything more here.

But it seems so odd, that we should wait so very long for this new Hitman game, developed by its sexy parents at IO Interactive, then while it’s still being made it comes out that there’s going to be another Hitman title from a totally different studio.

Well, totally different with some staff from IO, at least.

This feeds into something I was whining about in the mag this month (issue 224, out in all good newsagents now (and some bad ones too)): things need to stop getting announced so bloody early. It makes the wait difficult and allows the hype to build up so much that there can never be anything other than disappointment when the finished product arrives.

Just announce a game on the Monday, bring it out on the Friday. Bam, done. Easy.

I do not work in videogame marketing, hard as it may be to believe.

Hitman Absolution is out next month – we should have our review in issue 225, which will be out before the game. That’s something that also doesn’t happen much. We should fax you about this – it’s big news.

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  • isaiah

    i played Hitman absolution and i loved it , fantastic even more then its predecessors the AI is great graphic are very well done . the only downside is to many episodes were done in red neck ville thought his opponents could’ve been more formidable and more stealthy then stand around getting easily killed off Chinatown was great even the scene where he has to kill his friend , but that turned out to be a surprise at the end she didn’t die . i figured that out myself . can’t wait to see how the new studio come ups with its storyline to the series .

  • d3tach4blejesus

    By the way absolution ended I could see another hitman being made. Just as I thought when I beat blood money for the first time back in 2006. I hope it doesnt take as long and isbettter than absolution which is awesome!!

  • S3R6i0

    Hitman is my favorite franchise, besides anything that comes out of Rockstar. Absolution left such a shitty taste in my mouth. I’ve been waiting for a proper next gen Hitman title since the masterpiece that was Blood Money. I’m not going into details, but IO or SE or whoever the fuck really dropped the ball on this one. Don’t get me wrong, it had a good story and overall was a fun game, but a complete deviation from the series, loaded with bugs and a poorly developed engine. I hope they release a true Hitman stealth game. Otherwise I want to return the favor and tea bag the makers of Absolution right in their smelly mouths.