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Skyrim Creation Kit: Would It Work On Console?

Skyrim Creation Kit: Would It Work On Console?

The Skyrim Creation Kit launches on PC tomorrow, bringing with it the ability for owners of the latest Elder Scrolls title to mod the game for all its worth. Why does this apply to a PS3-centric magazine? Well, it doesn’t.

But it brings to mind the user-generated content aspects of a fair few PS3 games. It brings us back to a time when PS3 games flirted with the idea of user-made content outside of a Sony-produced product (take a bow, Unreal Tournament 3). So it makes us wonder…

While Microsoft runs the closed ship that is Xbox Live, barely allowing any company to do anything it wants to do, ever (may be an exaggeration), Sony runs something akin to the Love Boat with PSN (SEN, whatever it’s called these days).

So is it totally out of the question for the Skyrim Creation Kit to make its way to PS3? Naturally it would need to be changed for the console – not just made easier to use via pad, but there would have to be limits imposed thanks to the unchanging nature of PS3’s hardware configuration. Or something.

Actually, thinking about it, it wouldn’t even need a UI update for console – just create it on PC/Mac, upload to some kind of server, download to your console, see if it works, release it to the world… oh, I’ve just realised why nobody can be bothered with this stuff outside of Sony.

Well, we can dream. We can dream. Of Randy Savage dragons on PS3.

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  • ant

    Too many problems with ps3 skyrim as it is….