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Resident Evil 6 Succeeds In Giving Us The Fear

Resident Evil 6 Succeeds In Giving Us The Fear


Not so long ago we raised some concerns about Resident Evil 6. And then, like magic, Capcom arrived at the office clutching the E3 build for us to play (it definitely wasn’t a predetermined visit. Oh no).


In short: we’re afraid our fears might become a reality. Leon’s section – the one closest to both old-school Resi and Resi 4 – was excellent, marrying those two games brilliantly. We were impressed.


Then we fired up the preview of Jake’s campaign. It was OK: very Uncharted, with a hint of Resident Evil 3. We weren’t that blown away by the latter half of the demo, which featured a fairly bland box for us to shoot explosive barrels in. Still, it was better than Chris’s section.


Oh, Chris’s demo. Cramped, uninspired, (you spend most of the time climbing ladders) clunky and more than a little dull, it’s not a patch on the equivalent showcase for Jake, let alone Leon. It looks like there’s not enough ideas to go around the three protagonists.


Which as we mentioned before is what we were worried about. We’ve still got a lot of confidence in Resi 6: even if the Leon section is the only truly excellent one then we’re in for a treat. But we’re concerned about the other two.


Could it just be a bad choice of demo material? Given Capcom’s record with Resi demos (remember the awful, awful Resident Evil 5 preview?) it could be.


We hope so. Because Resident Evil 6 has the potential to be brilliant, and we don’t want to see that potential squandered. In truth, we don’t think it will be, but that demo didn’t inspire us anywhere near as much as it should have.



You can check out our full Resident Evil 6 preview in Play 221, out August 2nd.

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