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Rayman Origins Could Lead To Beyond Good And Evil 2

Rayman Origins Could Lead To Beyond Good And Evil 2

Rayman Origins’ success – or lack thereof – could, in theory, have an effect on the potential release of Beyond Good & Evil 2. This has my fanboy glands tinging. It has also provided the world with another reason to buy Rayman Origins when it comes out on the 25th of November.

That is, aside from the fact it’s really quite good indeed.

Tony Key, senior VP of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, had this to say to CVG:

“Ultimately, Rayman is [Ancel ‘s] original creation, and if all the people that love Beyond Good & Evil understand he is more than a one trick pony… and that if Rayman: Origins does well, it gives him more leeway for other opportunities because he has to build up his studio.”

If that’s not hinty enough, he went on:

“Beyond Good & Evil HD is doing very well on PSN and Xbox Live and there’s a lot of people coming back, and if they choose to do a sequel the audience is bigger than before.”

So it would appear that the deal goes thusly: you buy a great game, you get another great game made by a man who tends to make very interesting – if not always great – games. At least that’s the hopeful assumption the entire internet (as well as myself) has decided upon.

But can Origins be a success in a November that also sees Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 9000 and Saints Row: The Third? Well I for one hope so. I hope it manages to carve itself an audience beyond the one that exists for those games (as well as them, actually, because everyone should play it).

And not just for selfish reasons – but because Rayman Origins is a genuinely impressive game.

But also because I want Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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