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PSone Classics, Bugs And Apparent Hypocrisy

PSone Classics, Bugs And Apparent Hypocrisy

PSone classics on PSN is something of an untapped market as far as some vocal types are concerned. Yes, we get some treats like the Final Fantasy games, Future Cop LAPD, Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain, Soul Reaver, Chrono Cross and even Soviet Strike (shut up I like it).

But there’s so much more we don’t get. So many games out there that haven’t popped back up for us to (legally) download and enjoy again – or realise they were shit first time around. We often wonder why and often wonder aloud to Sony, who never bother to answer.

Until now (I say “now”, I mean “about a year ago”). Speaking on the Sony Blog, Ross McGrath covered the process in detail. It’s interesting and eye-opening in equal measure, but there’s one part of it that caught my eye. It caught it so hard the damn thing started to bleed a little. Read this and spot the deliberate mistake:

“The other problem is failing QA because of serious bugs, and when I say bugs, I mean giant cockroach sized uber-bugs. I have seen a lot of PSone QA reports with some weird and wonderful errors – menu screens with upside down text, explosions that kill your character at random after watching a cut scene, games that continue to slow down the longer you play them, or music that sounds like it’s coming from the bottom of a well… the list goes on.

“If a bug makes the game completely unplayable or otherwise ruins your experience then that’s a fail and the game cannot be published.”

Now let’s apply that logic to a certain other recent release – not a re-release, but a big budget, AAA, ultra-hyped epic. Let’s apply that logic to a certain game that had one of the exact bugs McGrath highlights and yet – even though it ‘ruins your experience’ in many cases – was still released.

Let’s apply that logic to Skyrim.

I love that game. It’s my only platinum trophy game on my PS3. I am willing to overlook most of its bugs.

But the fact this stringent QA process is applied to 16-year-old games but not a brand new one makes me rather… miffed, let’s say. Hypocrisy? Double standards? I don’t know. But McGrath’s choice of words could probably have been a lot better.

Unless he was just pre-emptively trolling Bethesda, in which case: well played, sir.

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  • Adam

    Who is Ross Mcgrath? Does he have any control over what Bethesda release?

  • Ian Dransfield

    He works for SCEE, and no he has no control over Bethesda’s releases.

  • Adam

    So surely his words were to highlight SCEE procedures that are clearly not adhered to by the likes of Bethesda, why does that make his choice of words questionable?

    It’s not his fault Bethesda are a QA disaster factory is it?

  • Ian Dransfield

    Who ever said it was his fault? It’s just interesting to see someone use an example of a bug that stopped games from getting released, only to have that very same bug pop up on a game that did get released.

    Plus Sony does have final say on what gets released on its console. Maybe it should step up its standards for QA handled externally?

  • Adam