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PSN’s Ultimate Editions Hint At A Brighter (Cheaper) Future

PSN’s Ultimate Editions Hint At A Brighter (Cheaper) Future

PSN is to get a batch of ‘ultimate editions’ later today on the US Store. What does this mean? It means games, with all their DLC (or just most, or even some) for cheaper prices than they would cost normally, either via digital download or from a shop.

What’s that we smell? Is it the scent of Something Good happening? Why yes, yes it is.

We’ve been treated in the past to hardly any games being available for what we would call reasonable prices on PSN. Sure, there’s been the odd sale on a few older games, but there’s never been a concerted push on bigger titles with enduring popularity.

The price of Binary Domain being the exception there, with Sega seeming to realise how to do things Properly.

But nothing made us think that Sony, or any of the publishers, was paying much attention to the massive success of something like Steam’s huge, ridiculously cheap sales. Until, maybe, now. And that makes us happy.

Sure, Activision may be determined to charge over $60 for Black Ops with its DLC (less for PS Plus members, of course), but generally speaking it’s hard to complain about these prices, especially for you poor Americans who are forced to pay ridiculous amounts all the time.

Ah, if only you had Zavvi, Play or whoever else giving you your £12 games, brand new, weeks after they’re released (hello, Dungeon Siege 3!).

But this – this is surely three things from Sony. It’s an aggressive push to encourage people to buy digitally, thus using their Store. It’s a show of the benefits you get by being a PS Plus subscriber, nabbing an extra 20% discount over the normies. And it’s an experiment – testing the water to see if deals like this really reap financial rewards for the company and the publishers involved.

I say we show them it does – there are good games here for good prices – so that in future they may well try it again. For cheaper. With even more games. ALL OF THE GAMES. CHEAP. SO CHEAP.

And maybe they’ll let us poor Europeans in on the action, too. Just put Red Faction: Guerrilla in the deal for about £4, yeah? Yeah.

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  • Joey

    On the store they ask for 70 (69.99) euro for new games, Driver and Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood for example when they might be 45-55 euro in the shop day one with a box and manual. Then weeks go by and prices drop and drop while they remain 70 on the store.
    Does anyone actually buy them?