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PSN still down [UPDATE: It’s back up]

PSN still down [UPDATE: It’s back up]

Shops are closing down, snow falls relentlessly from the heavens like a freezing plague, and to top it all off, PSN is still down. Is this truly the end of days?

Original maintenance was supposed to have taken place from 16:00 Thursday to 04:00 this morning (Friday 18th), as announced by Sony on their blog. But a tweet sent out this morning told us things weren’t yet finished (of course) and gave a tentative new deadline of “tomorrow morning”, which is…. now. Until the service goes back up, you won’t be able to:

– Sign in to PSN

– Access the Playstation Store

– Access Playstation Account management or registration

It’s a wee bit annoying, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer. Keep an eye on the Playstation blog for updates.

Things to try while waiting for PSN to go up:

Read a book! Start a small business! Wave your hands in the air, like you just don’t care! Try a new food! Start screaming in public for no reason! Cry uncontrollably! Try to remember whatever it was we did before the internet existed!


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  • Stoza

    I can get on have been able to since yesterday just can’t access the store

  • Gslimm

    What’s up with the ps store can’t access it. That’s _u_ked up.