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PSN Is Beating Xbox Live In The Indie Game Stakes

PSN Is Beating Xbox Live In The Indie Game Stakes

2D Boy’s Ron Carmel (they made World Of Goo – one of the best indie games of… well, ever) has taken to the world of blogging to discuss and dissect the world of digital distribution on consoles and elsewhere. The conclusion has been made, at least from a limited sample of independent developers, that PSN is pulling ahead of Xbox Live in the number of games being developed for and released on it. See:

“As you can see, in 2008-2009 Microsoft had more developers making games for XBLA than Sony had for PSN. The gap narrowed in 2010, and this year more of these developers are making PSN games than XBLA games. Next year, the number of games this group makes for XBLA will drop again, and PSN’s lead will widen as the number of developers making PSN games rise to double what it was in 2008-2009.”

Which certainly makes for interesting/thrilling reading if you’re a PS3 owner and have been quietly contemplating how great PSN is, or something. Like we do every day, because we’re cool like that.

The article in question (clicky here) is weighted towards discussion of Xbox Live Arcade – but don’t let that put you off. It’s actually really quite interesting, offering the kind of research and in-depth thinking that games journalism really should offer.

Seriously, we shouldn’t be relying on the developers to do this stuff for us. Sigh. I mean, Play does it because we’re cool and investigative and stuff, but you get the point.

Anyway, this all points to an interesting future for console digital distribution. While lagging behind iOS and PCs, PSN is pulling away against its direct competition. Fanboyism, ho!

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