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PSN Hack – What you need to do now

PSN Hack – What you need to do now

Now that Sony has confirmed the potential exposure of personal information from PSN we can get on with protecting ourselves should our information have been exposed.

Bear in mind that thanks to Sony shutting down PSN there’s a good chance that a lot of personal data was secured and protected, but there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t get caught out should your personal information get into the wrong hands.

1. Check your Credit Card – Get in touch with your bank via your online account, by calling your bank or by paying them a visit and check your credit card statements to ensure that it has not been used without your permission. This is something you will want to do regularly over the next few weeks (and perhaps months).

2. Change appropriate passwords – Any instance where you’ve used the email address and password that you registered with PSN, you should consider changing that password. Likewise if you use internet shops like Amazon you may need to change your password if it’s the same as the one you use for PSN.

3. Beware spam – The most likely outcome of your personal info being exposed is that you’ll get spam messages pretending to be representing various organisations (such as Sony itself, your bank, etc.). Be wary of these messages, especially if they ask for more personal information. Your bank and Sony will never ask for password information via email.

4. Be patient – Sony has employed outside experts to go through its systems and identify the root cause of this problem. Hopefully this will mean two things. One, that most personal information will be protected and the weakness in the system that allowed the hack will be resolved. Two, that we’ll have a stronger, more secure PSN once it’s back online.

Like everyone else we’ve been frustrated by how long this has gone on for, but given how much bad press and discontent this is all causing we have to imagine Sony wouldn’t be doing this unless it felt it had to.

Read Sony’s official statement for more info –> blog.eu.playstation.com

Keep up to date by following the PlayStation Twitter feeds –> @PlayStationEU & @PlayStation

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  • James

    When will it be back

  • this is bs u guys said may 3RD were gonna b going on a month soon fix the fn problem already x box gets new maps today and psn cant even fix its problem so us users can play sunm fn multiplayer if it aint working by the 20th im jus gonna buy a damn xbox!

  • koppert79

    I have just been reading the Sony press release. Am I correct in thinking that they have confirmed that UK residents have not been affected?

    On a side note, thank you play. Your updates have actually been a lot more useful than Sony’s