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Proteus coming to PS3 and Vita

Proteus coming to PS3 and Vita

014Award-winning indie adventure Proteus is coming to PS3 and Vita in a matter of weeks, releasing this Autumn.

It’s hard to describe exactly what Proteus is, or why it’s such a fascinating experience. Revolving around exploration, mystery, colour and sound, players are left to their own devices on a procedurally-generated island.

Despite being randomly generated, the game manages to create landscapes that immerse and enrapture the player, creating what the designers call “a game of audio-visual exploration and discovery.” Music and sound effects change as you explore, each object and area having its own audio signature. It’s really hard to explain in words, but it’s a wonderful, dream-like experience.

Long story short, this is an excellent addition to the stellar line-up of indie games on PlayStation. Head over to the PS Blog to find out more.

If Sony can keep this indie focus going into the next-gen, we are onto a winner.

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