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PlayStation 4 is called…PlayStation Orbis?

PlayStation 4 is called…PlayStation Orbis?


With the ‘new hardware/wishful thinking’ rumour mill churning at a rate of 9 trillion RPM (rumours per minute) these days it, wasn’t going to be long before something PlayStation related spat out everywhere. Lo and behold, here it is: Kotaku is reporting that the next PlayStation is called the PlayStation Orbis.


Maybe, maybe not. You know how these things are. Sources, confidentiality and all that. But let’s assume that everything said is true, and it’s going to have loads more graphics and come out next year. Excellent, right? New console, new capabilities, new ability to not allow you to play second-hand games. It’s the future.


Yes, according to Kotaku’s mystery source, the Orbis is going to have a system in place that ‘binds’ games to a single PSN account. After that it’s speculated that it would only work as a trial game until you coughed up some cash.


We find it hard to believe this would actually be the case, but we’re going to humour the rumour for a little: if so, this is going to be one of the darkest days in gaming.


The single-user game is the rumour that won’t go away – in fact it’s been rumbling on since the beginning of the last generation.


But to have it become an actual thing – and again we stress we’re just hypothesising here ­– is enough to make us want to (paraphrase a genius) rip out our own eyes and urinate on our brains.


It’s bad enough that gamers have to put up with an avalanche of day one DLC and a bewildering amount of collectors/limited/special/nonsense editions of games, each no doubt with a new bit of DLC you can’t or will have to wait to get elsewhere.


But this would be the last straw. Good job then that it’s probably not happening.




  • if this happens i for one will not buy the ps4 or any other sony product ever again its a sad sign of the way the industry is sadly going to go whos to stop them then to fiddle the prices as well we pay enough for games as it is and while some of them are worth every penny some quite frankly are just shit and not worth the silly prices they are asking take heed sony GAME didnt and look what happenedto them

  • David James Novack

    Being with PlayStation since I first played Twisted Metal when I was 4 or 5, I find this to be utter bullshit. If this were to happen I would be livid to the extent of boycott. (Although us “yanks” are known for that sort of thing aren’t we?) I don’t believe a single thing that Kotaku spits out onto their site, although I still feel a slight panic growing within myself upon hearing this.

  • Joey

    A yank related joke would have been so fitting here a couple days ago

  • Conor

    I wouldn’t trust Kotaku,they’re a fairly shitty site