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PlayStation 3 Super Slim: Too Good To Be True?

PlayStation 3 Super Slim: Too Good To Be True?

Like this. But smaller. And cheaper. And top loading.


Rumours abound that the new PlayStation Super Slim (or PS3-4000 or whatever it’s going to be called) series is going to feature a model that has 16gb flash memory and costs under a hundred quid. It’ll also not make Gamescom this year because it’s best mates with GTA V and if Rockstar is going, then it certainly isn’t.


A two-figure PS3 is an exciting proposition, especially as it’ll be in that massively profitable sweet spot that Sony loves. Less cost equals more consoles sold equals more money made on royalties, which sounds like a no-brainer. Whether it will actually be that much or not is another matter entirely of course, and the brutal machinations of the videogame business (and the fact that the Play staff have more money than Sony right now) might take their toll.


We hope not. Because a sub-£100 PS3 sounds like just the ticket as the generation winds down and everyone gets ready for next year’s new hardware revelations. Sony started badly this gen, but rebounded to fight it out with Microsoft for second place. The PS3 Super Slim could be the edge it needs to power over the line (to find the Wii there, gloating, obviously). There’s no doubt in our mind that the machine is real. Now it’s up to Sony to make sure it has the biggest impact possible.