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New Resident Evil 6 Trailer Gives Us The Fear

New Resident Evil 6 Trailer Gives Us The Fear


The new Resident Evil 6 trailer has gone live, bringing with it some shocking revelations, chief among them being that the entire game will now play out with Italian subtitles. Scary.


All joking aside the Captivate trailer clears up some mysteries that the initial trailer posed. Our mystery man is now revealed to be Wesker Jr, AKA Jake Muller: we can only assume that he’s been hiding away with other supervillain children Bowser Jr and Donky Kong Jr all this time.


The blonde girl is Sherry Birkin, Ada’s back, Leon and Chris fight it out at one point and apparently arranging for your death to be faked is easier than ordering a pizza.


It’s all standard stuff for a Resident Evil game, but we have to admit that this trailer didn’t make us quite as excited as we could possibly have been. There are two reasons for this: one is that we already know loads  of far more interesting developments in the game than what’s on show – the return to traditional survival horror staples, the fact that the different storylines are available from the off, the earth-rending revelation that Mercenaries mode is now available from the outset.


The second is that CG trailers make us angrier than Bruce Banner after a particularly sore stubbed toe.


We might sound like an old, scratched record that you might need to find to solve a puzzle in an abandoned mansion, but with the trailer making a big deal of the game’s release now moved forward to October, where’s the gameplay? The first trailer appeared to have some, so unless we’re living in bizarro land – which we may well be – then Capcom is doing this all wrong.


We want to see Leon creeping around Tall Oaks, or Chris fighting everyone in China, or Jake Muller (who comes up with these names?) running around doing all Wesker-y things.


We guess we’re just a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of that, and all moaning aside this is an ultra-slick trailer that is sure to get Resident Evil fans all excited. We’re interested to see what this new C-Virus nonsense is all about, as well as piece together the different storylines, and, hey, Mercenaries is available from the outset.


Which already makes it the best game ever made.

  • min

    dear play, what is your most favourite resi game(mine is RE 2)?

    ps-you are the bomb!

  • Tom

    I think that the Resident Evil 6 trailer looks epic it doesn’t even look like a horror game!

  • Love this game!!!