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New PS3-4000 Could Turn The Tide For Sony

New PS3-4000 Could Turn The Tide For Sony

The PS3 super-slim, yesterday.


The new PS3 slim – the super-slim, top-loading unit that’s been rumoured so much it might as well just be accepted as truth now* – will have three different units available, each of a differing hard drive size. We will, apparently, be looking at a 500GB, 250GB and, most interestingly, a 16GB flash memory console.

The bigger two are perfectly expected – give people more HDD space and provide the huge capacity options for those too fearful to buy and install their own HDD (it’s easy, really it is).

But the 16GB unit – flash drive capacity akin to the 4GB Xbox 360. Not enough to be that home hub of downloaded entertainment, but still with the full whack of the console behind it – Blu-ray, the games, streaming entertainment and the like. It would be held back by space limitations if you want to play, say, Gran Turismo 5.

But then, it’s also rumoured to be hitting at about the £99 mark, which would give us a PS3 that’s firmly in the realms of an impulse purchase. Those holding off on the console would have less excuse for not picking one up now, all things considered.

PS3 has been teetering on the brink of turning the tides in the sales race – it is a competition that matters – and a super-slim, super-cheap model (low capacity or not) could well be a very good thing indeed.

If, of course, these rumours turn out to be true and not, as they might well be, false.

*Because that’s how journalism works.

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  • Andrew

    That the thing its all about rumor’s, but we all tend to know the rumours 90% of the time tend to be true and true the facts. BUT we’ll see soon enough!

  • David

    A £99 PS3 would see it fly off the shelves I reckon. Hell I’d buy one for each room and one for the car. It would just be rude not to.