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New NBA Jam will arrive via PSN: world explodes

New NBA Jam will arrive via PSN: world explodes

EA Sports today shocked the world by announcing the NBA Jam series, recently revived in a boxed-copy-only version that would ‘definitely never be available via PSN’ is going to see a new version released exclusively through PSN (also Xbox Live, but we won’t go into that as 360 is well rubbish, like. FANBOY WAR).

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will not literally be on fire, unfortunately, though as it’s digital delivery-only this is understandable. After all, how on earth would EA Sports be able to send fire down your intertubes? You stupid goit, as if you thought that was actually possible! Hah, fools. Yeah. Whatever.

The new version will be different to the version that will definitely never be released as downloadable by having… hmm… something different. Different modes, or something. Meaning the main game will likely be very similar indeed to the last game, thus making us question this whole ‘will never be released’ thing EA claimed. We’re not saying they lied, just that this is a rather cheeky move on their part – especially as we all just wanted NBA Jam to be download-only from the start.

We were going to contact EA Sports for comment on the earth-shattering news, but instead we made ourselves a cup of coffee and then promptly forgot we meant to do it. Then when we remembered we couldn’t be bothered anymore. So instead we asked Chris McMahon for comment, who said:

“What? Oh. I like turtles.”

We’re not sure if this is a coded message or not. Either way, we’re going to be keeping a close eye on him in the near future, just to be sure. Oh yeah – NBA Jam. It’s coming out at some point. Whatever.

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  • Garan

    Awesome…Now if only the PSN were working at this moment I would be fully happy.