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New Epic Engine Vs PS3 – Screen Comparison

New Epic Engine Vs PS3 – Screen Comparison

Epic Games, the developer behind the Unreal Engine 3, revealed its vision for what the next generation will look like. Its new tech demo was impressive, but how does it stand up against the current generation of PS3 exclusives? Check out our screen comparison to make up your own mind.

Unreal tech demo images from Kotaku.com

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  • Michel Sabbagh

    I’m going for the new Unreal Engine tech.

  • Dave

    Unreal for sure. Heacy rain looks good but theres hardley anyting going on at one givien scene and is not totally interactive. How about doing more of a PSN vs Xbox Live? lol without question everyone knows that.

  • Elite Gamer

    The unreal engine is obviously going to look better in a screenshot comparison because it was just a tech demo. It won’t look nearly that impressive when it’s implemented in a game, at least not on consoles. Plus, who knows if it’s even rendered in real-time. Bottom line though, it’s just a tech demo and the games that end up using the game engine, never look as impressive as the original tech demos did.

  • Anon

    You are comparing an engine running on a PC with much higher RAM and much more modern GPU’s to tech Sony nailed down in 2005/6. How idiotic is that?

  • Cytricks

    I don’t get this comparison thing you are doing? Why does it matter which engine looks better? FYI what you are doing is comparing Unreal to 3 different PS3 engines..which is..not fair?

    Epic is an engine making company. It has people that send all day making the engine better and better. Those people don’t make games, not really. Their job is to make the engine as best as they can. Sony’s companies on the most part have engine teams but they only work on making the engine do exactly what they want. Also, since they are not licensing their tech there is no point is going all out everyday making it do things they do not want to do.

    Yes, ps3 exclusives look much better than multi-platform games and 360 exclusives that’s because it is custom tailored to the system’s architecture. An also, are those images rendered on PC or PS3 it is stupid to compare a ps3 render to a PC render.

    i just do not get why you just don’t compare Unreal to Cry-Engine which would be way more reasonable.

  • Comparing tech demo with real games? C’mon guys!
    What about compare it with new Phyre engine tech demo?

  • Comparing the Unreal tech demo with current gen PS3 games is perfectly reasonable when the intention is simply to offer some context on just how much better the next gen is likely to look.

    It’s fairly clear which is better looking, but just how much better may not be apparent at first glance. With the context of these additional PS3 screens it should be much clearer and easier to appreciate.

  • solid snake

    You people act as if the PS3 has exceeded it’s limits already with the games shown above which is hardly the case if anything the system is starting to show it’s true potential & people said the same thing about PS2 then came along god of war 2,tekken 5,gran turismo 4 ect..to prove people wrong so expect the same result with PS3 everyone.

  • GB

    Some of those PS3 images are pre-rendered, the Uncharted 3 one, for example.

  • Mitchings

    These UE pics don’t look anywhere near as good in their full 1280x720p resolution on a TV screen as they do in these small screen previews, especially when viewed on higher density montiors. Textures, filtering, AA etc.

    I kind of expect better.

    Though if we can get this is the foundation level of quality or third party games alongside 1080p@60fps-2D or 720p@120fps-3D (60fps per eye). Then I’d be quite content. But I expect things to get much better as the next generation goes on and I very much expect first party games to be way ahead of this.

    AA, AF, filtering and performance should get a lot more attention next gen.

  • junior

    older tech vs new, yeah o.k. but unreal is unreal to look at,
    but the last screenshot, nathan actually looks better than its counterpart, its just that the unreal shot has bolder colors making it pop out more, still, im sold on unreal

  • masterlinkace

    wow, okay, stop with all the bashing guys, it is easy to see some of you fanboys getting angry. However there’s no need, all the comparisons are doing is showing what the ps3 looks like now to what epic have said they think next gen games should look like, so there is obviously no comparing, saying how bad the ps3 looks, because it’s like comparing ps2 to the ps3, it’s obvious which one will be better looking.

    The only reason these comparisons are being put here is to see how amazing next gen games could look, when put against current, good looking games. This was in no way meant to put down how the ps3 looks, and is also, in no way saying the ps3 is maxed out.

    Also, to people saying that the games will look much worse than this, because tech demo’s always look better, I highly doubt it, we are talking several years before the next generation of consoles, the tech will be much better, and developers will have had plenty of time to work with it, so if anything, next gen gaming will look even better than this, when we actually get to play it, in about 5 years time (or longer)

  • NYNY

    Where are the 360 screenshot? lol GTFO the 360 is pure garbage. haha!

  • s

    Sorry but UE all the way

  • Abaddon

    “You are comparing an engine running on a PC with much higher RAM and much more modern GPU’s to tech Sony nailed down in 2005/6. How idiotic is that?”


  • Adam

    Well this is a stupid comparison if ever I saw one.
    On the one hand you have a engine trying to unify all these features and make them usable for anyone who uses that engine.
    Then you compare it with several different engines that were developed for use on one console by one company.

  • Kreator

    PS3 fanboys are hilarious! They put the Unreal Engine against the 3 best games on PS3. And it blow them out the water, now PS3 fanboys are buthurt!! I can’t call it.

  • tarbis

    It’s stupid to compare PC to a console. Compare Unreal Engine 3 to Cry Engine 2. Now that’s a real match.

  • n/a

    The PS3 Shots are all in game while the unreal ones are from a pre-rendered demo movie.

  • Source

    That is not Unreal Engine 3. That is a target render for Unreal engine 4… they clearly said “next gen” i.e. Playstation 4. Much like the 2005 killzone video shown during the ps2 days.

  • guts

    stupid threat! ..ofc unreal engine pics are pc high resolution screens.. comparing to choosen by some idiot older games but related to what ps3 can do.. unreal engine will be running on ps3 anyway.. so whats the post about i have no idea..

    try to squeeze HD unreal engine graphics to modern consoles ..impossible with very limited memory on both 360 and PS3

  • Ricoloco

    What have you been drinking guys?
    PS3 or XBox cannot reach this quality in a game… Insane PS3 fanboys, they are everywhere

  • ccccda

    next gen games might look like this and they might not lol. the tech that was used to be able to render these games costs 2500-3000$, no developer in their right mind would develop a game for such a small demographic. we would need a pretty serious leap in technology to get these kinds of graphics in millions of homes

  • Gpulos

    the last comparison screens aren’t a fair match – one face is supposed to look realistic while Drake is stylized for a more animated character…one of the Heavy Rain characters up close (face) would win instead.. HR faces are some of the most detailed Iv’e seen in gaming. As for the rest of the screens, Unreal proves it worth for sure