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Namco Bandai Makes More Good Decisions: Makes Us Happy

Namco Bandai Makes More Good Decisions: Makes Us Happy

Seriously though – they seem to be making the decision to bring games over to Europe and the US based less on how many men you get to shoot in them and more on how much of a cult hit they’ll be. And you know what? For the first time in a while, my cockles have been warmed.

Not content with bringing Dark Souls to our shores – and actually giving it a hell of a push so people have had to pay attention to it – it’s now been announced the N-to-the-B will be bringing the wonderful-looking Ni No Kuni to our shores, and the shores of Yankville too.

Subtitled Wrath Of The White Witch, the game is a Studio Ghibli production and we would have genuinely wept salty, furious tears if it had remained a Japan-only release. Fortunately we can hold back on the tears now and instead embrace its visual wonder.

No idea if the game’s going to be any good, mind you. But look! Coo! It’s purdy!

But it’s things like this that have helped Enny Bee, as we now call them, slowly, carefully, almost secretly creep up our Respect Ladder. How many other publishers are as balls out about the risks they’re willing to take? Not many. Good on them.

I mean, in the last few years Namco Bandai has published (or is going to publish in coming years) the likes of Tales Of Graces F, Armored Core V, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Enslaved, Demon’s Souls, Katamari Forever and Chronicles Of Riddick.

Yes, they’re not all brilliant, and NB also brought Legendary to the world, which is a bad thing, but it’s heartening to see a publisher out there willing to bring us the games that might not otherwise see the light of an EU or US release.

So here’s a small thanks to Namco Bandai for reminding us it’s not all about Manshooter and Obligatory Sports License 2000. Just, you know, less things like Clash Of The Titans in future, yeah?

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