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Modern Warfare 3 Blackout Protest

Modern Warfare 3 Blackout Protest

And so it’s come to this. Modern Warfare 3 players, who feel shunned by Infinity Ward, are planning a blackout protest on April 20th.

The idea is that on that day, Modern Warfare 3 players avoid multiplayer for 24 hours to try and jolt Infinity Ward into action. The video outlining the protest is below:

Now it’s hardly the kind of movement Chuck D was rapping about in Fight The Power but it’s still worth noting this is a sign of an unhappy playerbase. Not even necessarily those who want the MODERN WARFARE SUCKS flag and don’t play it. This is coming from those who do.

When BioWare acknowledged and reacted to the petition to change the Mass Effect 3 ending, that has inevitably empowered gamers who feel they can do something to change the games they play or at least have their voices heard. But is this a positive thing? Does it encourage too much pandering to those who don’t design games? Is it something that can be brushed off with the ever popular and condescending ‘entitlement’ copout?

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  • Dave

    Would have beenn nice to have the article include WHY players feel shunned

  • Ryan King

    Would have beenn nice if you had WATCHED THE VIDEO to see all the reasons players feel shunned

  • Conor

    Anything that gives consumers more power and takes it away from big corporations is a good thing

  • Joey

    Bit of a storm in a tea cup I think. Hate to say it but it’s just a game. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations don’t play it, no one’s forcing you.

  • kris

    modern warfare is good for infection black ops 2 is going to be better ps do people think left4dead will come to ps3