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Minecraft On PS3: We Ain’t Getting It… Yet

Minecraft On PS3: We Ain’t Getting It… Yet

UPDATE: Yes, we know it’s coming to PS3 and PS4 now. This story was originally posted a year and a half ago. You can go about your voxel-rejigging business in peace now.

Minecraft has arrived on Xbox 360 and brought with it record opening-day sales. It’s also brought with it a welcome legion of thousands more people building hastily-constructed shacks they have the temerity to call ‘houses’, as well as sixty metre high phalluses.

Minecraft is brilliant.

So why haven’t we seen it on PS3 yet? Don’t search forums for the answer, you’ll only be met with threads like these. And nobody wants that.

The simple reason is exclusivity – Microsoft got its wallet out and paid the bucks to secure Minecraft, stopping it from coming to PS3. Notch said as much himself (he didn’t say anything about ‘the bucks’ or wallets or anything, that’s just flagrant editorialising).

So Minecraft is not coming to PS3, as far as we know.

But there’s still hope. There’s always hope. There’s been plenty of ‘exclusives’ that have soon made their way to other machines. Resident Evil 4 was a GameCube exclusive. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was a PSP exclusive. XCOM was an Xbox 360 exclusive. Things change. Deals expire. Modern Warfare DLC becomes available on PS3 after the fact.

There’s still hope.

Hope that we can one day frantically dig a cave dwelling to escape the fear that comes with the setting sun. Hope that we can one day figure out how to build a shitty little sword that does very little of use. Hope that we can dig one block too deep and fall into a laval pit. Hope that one day we can get Minecraft on PS3.

We’ve been asking for it since at least 2010 in the mag. Hopefully it’s not permanent Xbox exclusivity.

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  • rox

    Microsoft sucks! I agree with all of you(except for Equalrightsconsole) They sholud make a freaking minecraft for ps3 and I think they’d even make more money for it so they can smell crap all they want until they make a minecraft for ps3.

  • agentj99

    for some people mc on ps would be good but look at the ps3,ps2 and psp games we have that xbox dosen’t they are WAY better than a blocky/glitchy/bug filled game like mc

  • Reagon

    ps3 would make a lot more money if they just make minecraft i really want minecraft!!!!!!

  • cptwilson101

    Personally I think MineCraft on PS3 would be better than xbox MineCraft because PS3’s have more memory and power so that means bigger worlds.

  • Daniel@4Jstudios

    Right now we are checking if PS3 would be good for minecraft.So far we have learnt that PS3’s hardrive is bigger (therefore bigger world’s). We have decided to ask the comunnity if they want it.

  • WeLoveYouDaniel

    Please make it, sony and notch would make so much more money and why ask the community EVERYONE WANTS IT!!!!!!!!!’

  • brandon

    i want it too come out on ps3 as i dont have a xbox and my laptop does`nt support it

  • Gareth

    why the hell would notch not put it on ps3. Now for one, the xbox lacks in a few areas compared to the ps3. The ps3 has great graphics and processer, it even has blue ray. Yes the ps3 controller isnt that good compared to the xbox one, but lets face it, microsoft only created the xbox so they can get a piece of the action.

    Microsoft has been causing problems and been sewed a couple amount of times, where as sony have expeirence in gaming as they have been at it at least 10 years now.

    and all I can say to microsoft is, step down and let the professionals deal with it.

  • LJF2000

    They would make loads more money so y not?

  • i think its a no brainer like im about to go to xbox if it minecraft dosn’t hit ps3.

  • LJF2000

    5 mos ago
    ps3 would make a lot more money if they just make minecraft i really want minecraft!!!!!!

    They can’t just make it cus Microsoft would sue them for copy write

  • LJF2000

    Microsoft are just trying to make people get one so when they relive no one will the should make it

  • Blingo8

    i am sorry but i think that the comment at the top is a big fat lie

  • connor

    If sony would fork out a few extra benjamin franklins maybe they would have a game as cool as minecraft. I have xbox 360 so I could careless.

  • Tumbledice

    Minecraft Is Cool! It Should Totally Be On PS3, Why Not Notch, WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  • weiners6969

    YES WE SO DESPERATELY WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weiners6969

    fuck you t-.-

  • weiners6969

    dude….dude…..chill minecraft for ps3?? really good chance it will COME IN AUGUST!!

  • weiners6969
  • Luigi_O_yeea

    Their is a possible chance for Minecraft to be on PS3 , notch Twitted ( I can’t comment on other consoles for Minecraft . I’m not sure if i’m allowed to say this . In totally unrelated new patience is a virtue! ) 😀 !!!

  • Ippoletta

    Nah, keep it off the Playstation systems, worry about PC and Xbox.

  • Ippoletta

    Yes, which is why i hope you never get it. Microsoft sucks huh? i hope they keep extending their contracts. so you never see it. get it on PC or Xbox.

  • Thorin

    That’s photoshopped, the people on Minecraft forums already stated that.

  • Kevin

    Several reasons actually…and each one legitimate. I too am not pleased with the lack of availability on the PS3 platform.
    When they signed the original deal with Mojang and Microsoft – it was for an initial period of five years including server support equal to MS internal release support (meaning once a month to upload a “patch”). Though unnecessary at this time (it takes too long and too many developers to marry up the XBox game version with PC version number) – before the end of the 5 year term – they will in fact be the same version and release number.
    The cost, in terms of logistics, to Mojang to now take a discordant product and flip it to another platform that would require a similar amount of programming effort, would in fact be staggering. It is the very nature of the details regarding controllers and accessing menu options that make it such – not the screen graphics per se.
    Past that issue is the cost of maintenance, multiplayer, and mods. Each of these is constructed in such a way that they are not spatial. Notice there are no mods for downloading on XBox but an endless number for the PC? Also the process of multiplayer is different between XBox and PS3.

    We have both game consoles here, and there are applications and experiences that are considerably better on one versus another (mainly we use PS3 for everything except XBox specific games). The last point is this. Microsoft paid a lot of real money to Mojang for the exclusive. They also pay a lot of residual internal cost for support of servers and expertise regarding releases (patches). Sony could have pulled their addled heads out of their asses at the time, and made a better deal. They did not. Respect that.

  • taran

    i strongly agree that ps3 should have minecraft,better hardrive and the discs are one of the best brand blueray.

  • bob

    pay hem they will give u it

  • michaeljlinton

    Notch has said minecraft is coming to ps3, vita and ps4


  • Gabtraf

    Lolololololololololololol MC for PS4/3/V announced xD

  • Lewis Gregg

    Yet they got hacked into lol

  • Codowner777

    MInecraft is coming to ps4, ps3 , vita as said by notch on twiter recently YEAH!!!

  • Matthew Dutchess


  • Mr John

    why would the ps3 having blu ray have anything to do with it

  • Ian Easton


  • Austin Caudill

    Minecraft is coming to PS4/PS3/PSVita 100% true

  • Austin Caudill

    Not all DLC

  • Alex Farley

    we are having minecraft on ps3 and ps4 so shut up play

  • Brad Brown

    Halo is for nerds, plus minecraft has been 100% confirmed for ps3/ps4/psvita.

  • Lewis

    well if xbox is beter than ps3 why does the ps3 have a better hardrive and also have better graphics. explane that…

  • sam156e

    The hard drive has nothing to do with having bigger worlds. It’s a lot more than that, which is where RAM and CPU come into consideration.

  • sam156e

    The Xbox and PS3 are two entirely different consoles…

  • sam156e

    Minecraft Xbox 360 is written in C++, not Java.

  • sam156e

    Most likely, PS3 and Xbox will be similar, if not the exact same. Minecraft is by far the best on PC, and always will be.

  • kane

    he wont have to as it it is coming out for ps3 ps vita and ps4 you idiot and why come on a site talking about the ps3 then slag it of you knob

  • mohamed abdo


  • mohamed abdo

    I dont care about minecraft

  • Bryce Chiques

    They said minecraft will launch on November 15, 2013 on ps3,ps4 and vita . So keep your hopes up . Don’t know the price but its coming

  • Bryce Chiques

    I’ll tell you what I want . The games they make on xbox need to be on ps3 . The games ps3 makes needs to be on xbox