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Meet BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth

Meet BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth

We’ve been to enough trade shows and expos to know that the ‘official face’ of a game is often little more than a hired model or actor/actress forced into something uncomfortable. And at the other end of the spectrum you have cosplayers – passionate sorts willing to invest untold time and money into recreating their favourite gaming outfits and styles purely for the love. Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva falls firmly into the latter category, though her dedication has won her an unexpected place in gaming history – Irrational Games has hired her to be the official face of BioShock Infinite’s leading lady, Elizabeth.

“Her uncanny portrayal of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite really brought her to our attention,” explains Irrational’s Ken Levine on the studio’s official site. “We were so amazed by her dedication and her resemblance to Elizabeth that we decided to ask her if she’d like to be involved in helping bring Elizabeth to life in our box, our key art and our upcoming television ad.”

Movela – who cosplays under the name Anna Ormeli – is no stranger to gaming cosplay, as she explains in a chat with Irrational. Her first gaming costume was that of Elike from the 2008 Prince Of Persia reboot, having been involved in anime cosplay for several years previously. And while her Elizabeth really captures the look and feel of the game’s character, that’s not to take anything away from any of her other cosplay efforts – her DeviantArt page showcases some of her other awesome costumes, including Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard, American McGee’s reimagined Alice (from Madness Returns) and Dead Space 2’s Ellie. Impressive stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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