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Mass Effect 3 Has Multiplayer. Apparently.

Mass Effect 3 Has Multiplayer. Apparently.

Mass Effect 3 has multiplayer, if rumours are to be believed. Which they are. We say ‘rumours’, we mean ‘an Australian magazine has a cover story about multiplayer in Mass Effect 3’. Which isn’t really a rumour. More a statement of fact, at least from their perspective.

So what will MP entail? We don’t know, because we haven’t read the piece and EA didn’t fly us over to Canada to stare at the game being played by more than one person. Annoyingly.

We’d assume it will be co-op, with each player taking on the role of a squad member – three or four players tops. This is guesswork, but we’d guess it probably won’t be core missions available to multiplayer, more just a select bunch of specialised, specially-built missions. That’s what we’d guess. Based on little more than logic and the knowledge that BioWare isn’t a stupid developer.

But we could be wrong.

But remember – just because a magazine is advertising its next issue as having a feature about multiplayer, just because it’s on their front cover, just because they’re openly talking about it, just because they went to Canada to talk to Bioware about multiplayer – just because of those few minor points doesn’t mean it’s confirmed. Obviously we have to rely on EA to tell us what the truth is, because we couldn’t possibly trust a magazine that’s going to so totally all-out with its claims and has openly, clearly stated that Mass Effect 3 has multiplayer.

Mass Effect 3 has multiplayer, basically.

Read the thing here.

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    Mass effect is a stunning game and the possibility of sharing the experience with another player is a exciting prospect if done well, but I can’t help but feel that it’s a game that champions the single player against the universe feeling of satisfaction when you finish it. Thus I wonder if having a second or more players tagging along will ruin or just complicate the whole experience, or am I just being a stuck in the mud for old school story based single player games ( sigh ) anyways, love play mag 4ever and ever and thanks for reading