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Lightning Returns demo on PSN tomorrow

Lightning Returns demo on PSN tomorrow

Final Fantasy this, Final Fantasy that… it’s all kicking off for Square Enix’s RPG franchise today. So while MMO players have another decent update to keep them grinding away in A Realm Reborn, fans of XIII will be able to get a playable demo of new chapter, Lightning Returns, as of Wednesday 22 January. The demo will, of course, be free on PSN.

A more action-heavy twist on the traditional FF fare, Lightning Returns has a number of awesome tricks up its sleeves that should keep you on your toes and keep you guessing. Following XIII is no easy task for the game, what with all the negative press that XIII got, but this is another bold attempt to take the series in a new direction. If anything, the direct control and menu-free action looks to be setting up for what Square is doing with Final Fantasy XV, an equally spectacular entry in the series due to land on PS4 some time in the future. Don’t expect Square to rush it, though – just look how long it has taken to get the HD port of FFX up and running.

Lightning Returns demo rewards

Those who finish the demo and post their final battle score to the Outernet (Lightning Returns’ very own social network of sorts) will be able to unlock an exclusive outfit for the final game, with a host of different pre-order incentives offering similar gear depending on where you get it from – the demo grants the Siegfried outfit, while Lightning can also cosplay as Cloud or Yuna depending on where you place you pre-order.

We really enjoyed what we played of the game recently – it’s not exactly Final Fantasy as we know it but that’s no bad thing. If you fancy checking it out, jump on the demo tomorrow and let us know what you think.

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